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Predicting Donor Relations and Retention

In reality, whether a donor comes back for another year is entirely in your hands. And no, the work doesn’t happen during the initial ask letter or the renewal appeal. It happens for the entire duration of the year in between.When a donor is deciding whether or not to renew, they’re not paying attention to what you wrote in their renewal letter, they’re thinking about the past year of their membership. Did they have a good experience? Did they get value out of being a member of your community? Do they feel an emotional tie to the organization? Do they feel that their contributions made a difference in your ability to create positive change?

For donors at higher levels and long-time supporters, it’s always a good idea to make notes about each interaction. If someone shares with you that their husband’s health has been on the decline, make note of it and be sure to ask about him the next time you speak.


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28 Aug 2019


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Relevant and meaningful communications are key to a great donor relations strategy.

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