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What We Stand For


Education and Development

We believe that education delivers the fundamentals of a society such as peace, social justice, opportunity and overall societal development and advancement


Spiritual nourishment and growth

We endeavour to host and facilitate religious and spiritual programs/events to support and develop the spirituality needs of the community


Dialogue and peace in society

Being a strong supporter of dialogue, we hope to bring people together from all walks of life, races, religions, cultures, traditions and ideologies through interfaith, intercultural and intersocietal activities


Humanitarian Aid

We believe that helping those in need is one of the most important elements of serving humanity


Culture and arts

We are a strong advocate of contributing to communication, harmony and peace within the community through art and cultural activities



We are determined to publish a variety of books, magazines, journals and articles for both children and adults to provide each and every member of the community with rich content

About Us

Who We Are

Selimiye Foundation is a community based not for profit organization that aims to improve the education, culture and the social level of all Australians. Furthermore, Selimiye Foundation is an umbrella organisation that supports and sponsors many sub-organizations and members. The foundation has established many organisations and institutions for the wellbeing of the community.
The Australian Multiculturalism policy is strongly embraced by Selimiye Foundation. As such, all community and educational activities are designed according to this policy and aims to raise a Golden Generation who will become role models in the building of a harmonious society with multicultural values and mutual respect.
The charter of the foundation aims to develop social awareness, education, culture and the social level of all Australians, by establishing schools, dormitories, youth camps, seminars, conferences and rehabilitation centers for the disadvantaged youth and members of the community at large.
To raise awareness and provide opportunities for community members to enhance individual and social wellbeing and development.

01 Education and development
02 Spiritual nourishment and growth
03 Dialogue and peace in society
04 Humanitarian Aid
05 Culture and arts
06 Publications

Sub Organisations



What We Do

Education & social wellbeing for Volunteers and members

We host weekly educational and wellbeing programs and activities for all our groups. Furthermore, we offer all our volunteers and members across the state, panel discussion, seminars and conferences. Throughout the year, we also offer various camps and trips for our community

Education & social wellbeing for children

We provide weekly educational and social wellbeing classes for children in primary and high school to further enhance their educational and wellbeing needs. At the end of the year, we also offer a summer camp for all our students

Sponsorship & collaboration

Selimiye Foundation sponsors and collaborates with many of its sub and member organizations, as well as external organizations to ensure all programs and events are rich in value and the needs of the community are satisfied

Get Involved

Volunteers are given the opportunity to get involved and attend any of our programs, events and activities. Furthermore, we provide everyone the opportunity to volunteer at our various programs and events. Every member of the community is welcome to be a volunteer at any of our initiatives. You may volunteer when and where you think is the best moment for you

In addition to being a volunteer, members are provided with the opportunity to get involved with meetings, initiatives and responsibilities for the execution of our services. Jump on board and become a member to take the next step and give to the community in the best way possible

Attending is very simple, check out our events and projects to stay up to date and simply join at your own convenience. Everyone is more than welcome to attend any of our programs and events

To allow our programs and activities to function we rely on the generosity of our community to financially support and sponsor many of our initiatives. Whether you are a volunteer, member or just a supporter, you may help and assist us by donating to our various causes

Another great way to get involved is through collaborating together. We are open to sponsoring and collaborating with other organisations to support in the fulfilment of projects and events. We are committed to working with other organisations to ensure the community is provided with the highest quality social and wellbeing services

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